Thursday, May 27, 2010

2360: Battle For Cydonia

A while ago, I got a 1st generation iPhone. I use Verizon for cell
service, which precludes the use of the iPhone as a phone for me.
Because of this, it is merely an iPod Touch with a camera.
I have discovered that there are a ton of apps available for this
device - most are either garbage or useless to me.
Most of my apps are games. I refuse to pay for apps, as I don't see
them as being that vital to my well being.
I'm currently using an app called App Miner that allows me to browse
apps that are new or on sale. By viewing only the free ones I am able
to come across some enjoyable apps.
My pick for today is the app in the title of this post. It's free for
today only, so I'm glad I already got it.
It's a fun little shooter where you get to control a robot of sorts.
It was definitely worth a look for the price of free, and one that I
may play on a semi-regular basis.

I may continue to post my great finds to this blog as I come across
them. The apps I choose are always free and rarely "lite" or limited
versions. I hate apps that want to get you hooked with a free version
and constantly beg you to upgrade. Perhaps, if time allows, I'll be
able to give a mini-review with my picks in the future.

[Sorry for the picture orientation. It's an iPhone screenshot, and I could find no way to rotate it in the process of writing this post via e-mail. I will work on this for future posts.]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Check this video

This is a test of whether or not I can send video to thisblog.

The attached video was created using Qik VideoCamera application for
the iPhone.
For better compatibility, use QuickTime to play this video.